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Night Out Research

February 19, 2010

For my night out idea I thought I would make a stop motion style animation using photographs and after effects to put it all together. In my animation I am planning to take numerous pictures throughout the evening starting with the character getting ready all the way through to the character returning at night. As the night progresses i am planning to alter the pictures more and more as the night goes on showing that the character perception becomes distorted showing that they dont remember things as the night goes on (e.g. people or places).

I got inspiration for my idea from the opening titles of the TV show How I met Your Mother as it uses photographs of the cast on a night out  moving through the pictures on to other pictures.

I like the way the the pictures are layered on top of each other to make it seem like the camera is travelling through the pictures. I feel that i would be able to achieve this effect myself on after effects if i wanted to.

I also looked at other types of videos on youtube using photography.

This is one of the most viewed videos on youtube as is based on the simple concept of a person took a photo of himself everyday for 6 years to show how he had changed over the time.

This is a photo animation I have found on youtube that a person has made using time lapse photography. This seems to have helped to make the animation run as smoothly as possible.

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