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Night Out Project

February 22, 2010

Here is the end result of my night out project (for some reason my video wouldn’t upload to youtube properly)

The end result of my project didn’t turn out how I intended as i had trouble while using after effects which left me with having to piece together my project on Premiere Pro instead. For my pictures to give them a distorted look i edit them on photoshop to give them a blurred effect, I did this to represent the person in the pictures inability to remember things as the night went on and the more drunk he got. Although i liked the concept of my idea for the project I encountered a number of problems. I seemed to have alot of trouble with after effects mainly down to me being unfamiliar with the program and leaving sorting my project to the last minute. I also had made a piece of music on garageband to go with my work representing the stages of the night the person was going through from sober (calm happy music) through to drunk (dark distorted music) but when i added this to my project it was dropping parts of the music throughout so i had to scrap it. If i got chance to do this project again I would give myself more time on after effects to make my project as I intended it to go and also i would improve my music to go along with it.

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