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Viral Video research

February 22, 2010

For my viral video project for inspiration I researched the internet on sites like youtube and google to find out what videos are popular.

this is a list of the top 100 iconic viral videos ranging from music videos like OKGO- Here it goes again through to comedy videos like The Star Wars Kid.

This is know as the numa numa guy as he is lip syncing to the song in the video. It has grown to be very sucessful video on the internet and has spawned numerous videos too.

This is a redit edit of scenes from The Shining to make a new trailer as thought the film is a family movie. This shows that through editing techniques you can make anything seem different.

After my research i chose to make a music video for a song as i felt this would be something that would receive the most views as comedy and music get most of the views on you tube so i thought by combining the two it would give my video a good chance of being seen.

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