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Viral Video

February 22, 2010

Here is the end result of my viral project

For my project i made a music video for the Lady Gaga song Poker Face with me lip syncing to the music dressed up Lady Gaga style. for the camera work i set the camera up around my house to give it the amateur look I wanted as most videos on youtube seem to be shot in a basic style. I did originally intend to sing the lyrics myself but I felt the sound quality wasn’t good enough for the project and chose to lip sync instead. I only had one or two small problems with this project the main one being I felt I hadn’t filmed enough footage for the video without some parts seeming repetitive, this was easily solved though as I just edited the music to make it shorter. If there was anything I would change about my project it would be i would use a better quality camera as I felt it seemed to be slightly grainy.

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