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Maya Project

February 24, 2010

This is my final product for the Maya project

As I have never really used Maya before i found it quite a struggle to get used to and i spent alot of time just getting used to the software. In the end rather than trying to make something too elaborate for me to produce i thought i would keep it simple showing what sort of things i had learnt. The main things I wanted to get get across the fact that i had learnt to use lighting which i shown by having the light move around the object and then by having the object cast a spotlight to pick up the ball. I also wanted to show that I learnt how to use the camera by having it move around tracking the objects throughout my clip. I wanted to also show that I was able to move the objects around themselves too (even if it was at a simple level). The grass i created also help to show I had learnt how to use certain textures too. If I was to get chance I would like the opportunity to work with maya again as I feel is I was to put my mind to it I would be able to create a piece of animation I would truly be happy with.

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