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Short form script

February 24, 2010

This is the 1st draft of what i have written of my script so far.

Int. TV Studio- Evening

A short animation plays introducing the news and the reporter MICHAEL WATERS


This is the 6 O’clock news with Michael Waters

The animation fades out as the camera pans around Michael Waters sat at his news desk typing on the computer and as the camera fades to a Mid shot he turns to look at the camera.

Michael waters

Good evening and welcome back to the studio. Our main story is.

cut to:

A Mugshot photo of the terrorist who has been deported

Michael Waters (V.O.) (CONT’D)

Suspected Terrorist _________ has been deported back to the United States for working with the suspected radical group Leet Hackers.


Michael Waters Sat sat his desk facing the camera

Michael Waters (CONT’D)

The radical group The Leet Hackers have responded to the deportation of their member ________ by sending a video out to various news networks. we warn you some viewers may find the next segment unsettling.


A amatuer shot clip of the terrorists, the clip is shaky and grainy showing the low quality of the clip. the terrorist himself seems slightly nervous as though he isn’t 100% sure what he is doing.


Blah Blah Blah (Piece to me provided by terrorist group)

The camera cuts off abruptly

cut to:

Michael Waters hesitates a brief second

Michael WATERS

The radical group The Leet Hackers have been heard of before, and although they have not imposed a dangerous threat on the public they are wanted by the police for once hacking into the Home Office’s mainframe and closing it down for several hours cost millions of pounds in damage. The Lee tHackers first appeared on the scene back in 2008 when they broke into Google’s mainframe altering it so it directed to a website of their own


A shot of thewebsitesaying ‘The government is always watching! Do not trust them!’

Michael Waters (V.O.) (CONT’D)

Stating that the government is always watching and shouldn’t be trusted.


A shot of 3 separate mugshots of 3 of the terrorists


________, _________ & ________ have previously been arrested with charges related to the group, but had to be let go without charge after records of any involvement with them and the group were strangely wiped from the police’s system confirming that there may be more than just the 3 of them involved in the group. Since their arrests the group has been quiet until their recent emergence.

He pauses slightly and rearanges his papers.


In other news Madonna has been criticized after the recent adoption of her 18th child

cut to:

Archive footage of Madonna being followed by the paparazzi and then to a picture of the child she has adopted and then onto shots of Doncaster and the parents house.


The queen of pop who has recently adpoted a 8 year old boy from Doncaster in Yorkshire after being reported to say his living condition were unbearable. This has angered alot of people especially people in the north as it is reported that the young child was said to come from a healthy family where both of his parents were working and had a regular income to cover all of the childs needs.

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