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Short Form Video

February 24, 2010

For the short form video Phil Peel has organised for us all to work in 7 separate  groups to make 7 separate short form videos which once completed will be able to intertwine  with one another. The initial story is based around a lecturer being kidnapped by a terrorist group who are protesting against the use of CCTV in daily life. Me and my group (Consisting of Alex Campbell, Kavi and James Yeo) have chosen to make the part of the Tv News as we felt this would be the most interesting one for use to do as it would give us the chance to work with some of the other groups mainly the Police and terrorist groups but it would also give us chance to use the green screen to help create the news room as well as being able to use programs like Adobe After Effects and Maya to create the graphics needed for making our news reports seem genuine (Opening titles, On screen information). Below you can find all the information we have organised so far.

People in our group & roles
Sam Grierson- Presenter/Editor
Kavi- Graphics/ Camera
Alex Campbell- Camera/Editor
James Yeo- Presenter/Editor

Sound and lighting will be covered by all of the above

TV Studio- Classroom with green screen
On the scene reports- Outside Kavi’s house/Industrial Estate
Terrorist Video- Where the terrorist group is filming

Michael Waters- Sam Grierson
Paul Rogers- James Yeo
Police Officer- Member of Police Group
Terrorist- Member of Terrorist Group
News Guest- Unknown

Key Props

Tie mics
Boom Pole
Lighting equipment
Green Screen

For inspiration for scriptwriting look at:
News (On 24/7)
The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (7.30 More4 or 8.30 More4+1)
Brass Eye
The Day Today

Who has what scenes:

Chapter 1-
Chapter 3- Kavi
Chapter 7- Alex
Chapter 9- Sam
Chapter 11- Alex
Chapter 14-

Email Addresses

Kavi –
Sam –
Alex –
James –

Deadlines (so far)

Logo Ideas- 26/2/10
Script/Storyboard of scenes- 9/3/10

Scene Descriptions

Chapter 1 (Studio + Still images)
Tv news about a terrorist who will be deported for hacking government files (more info with Dan Hume)

Chapter 3 (Studio + Live on the scene footage)
Tv news and interview with police spokesman about terrorism. Stats about crime figures and cctv influence

Chapter 7 (Studio)
Tv news information from abductors and will be shown later. Possible interview as well

Chapter 9 (Studio + Low Res Footage)
Tv news showing footage of terrorists, information about the terrorist group.

Chapter 11 (Studio)
General news and summarising events so far

Chapter 14 (Studio + On the scene)
News about raid and report the Brian is allegedly part of the terrorist group

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