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Post Production Ideas

April 21, 2010

For my post production I have come up with several ideas that I may use for my final project. each of them involves me filming footage first then editing it before taking some scenes and adjusting them in After Effects. Some of the ideas i had are:

1. A person is making a cup of tea which on its own sounds like a simple mundane task but i was planning to edit it with shot quick cuts to make it feel like it is much more intense than it actually is.

2. I didnt have an intended narrative for this idea but I wanted to use after effects to give the short a sin city style look with it being black and white with certain props in colour.

3. A person is talking to somebody on a phone using the hards-free setting so that when the person on the other side of the phone is talking i would use typeography coming out of the phone to show what the person is saying and the words could also reflect the conversation too i.e. is the person is angry the text could seem aggressive.

4. Two people are fighting over an object in the living room. I was planning to edit and use after effects to give it a kung fu/manga look to it using short quick edits, colour correction and onomatopoeia across the screen as they both hit each other.

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