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April 26, 2010

I sat and watch Lars Von Triers latest film Anti-Christ last night and it just confused me that how something like this is classed as art. It’s not that i didnt enjoy it I was compelled throughout, Its just the fact that I feel I didnt see the art side of it. It didnt include slow motion shots and arty looking set designs but it also contains some of the most unsettling scenes in a film i have ever seen (I feel I should tell you more about them but its not strictly something to put a on a Uni blog). In the end i was left with a feeling of confusion was this the intended feeling I was supposed to feel or was it the unsettling feeling in my stomach. Maybe I just dont get art. Anyway watch the film yourself is you want to see what i mean. Just dont shout at me afterwards if you dont like what you see

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