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Tron Legacy

April 26, 2010

After the viral video campaign I grew an interest into viral marketing and one of the biggest going on at the moment is from the new Tron film Tron legacy. The viral campaign seemed to start with these two sites appearing online

the first being a site about Flynns Arcade from the first film and the latter alot more interesting being a conspiracy about the lead from the first film and of his whereabouts since. Next appeared this game which you had to complete by guessing the games hidden within the image.

after you complete the game you are told you are being sent undercover to the company ENCOM to find out more about what happend to Kevin Flynn. The best part was I had to upload a picture for a keycard with login details and a few weeks later I got this in the post (from America which impressed me)

I then went to the website and logged in and it was like im on an intranet of a company complet with emails from colleagues, its just unfortunate that the work seems to be based in America as i would like to participate more none the less i still check it regular.

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