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Work Experience Day 4

April 26, 2010

I awoke to the sun shining in my window which gave me a good feeling inside “Yes’ I said’ Another nice day”. After I got up I went to go have a shower but I had to wait as my house mate was in the shower so I chose to have breakfast first. After breakfast and a shower I felt like the weather was nice enough for me to wear shorts so I went for a nice blue short blue t-shirt combo which I felt I pulled off pretty well as it showed off the slight tan that I had got from being down here (we don’t get much sun in the north you see). I chose to wait for Dom outside my house seen as it was such a nice day, so i sat on my wall and popped in my headphones and set Daft Punk to play and the sun shone down on me. Im pretty sure passer-bys thought I was a bit odd as I sang along while doing a little shuffle dance but still managing to stay seated on the wall. Dom shortly arrived after a few minutes. As usual I had to remind Dom not to turn towards uni (im pretty sure that boy is on auto-pilot ) and while on our way to work we discussed our short form projects amongst other things. We met up with James in the square and headed to Kaboosh. We had the usual debaet about who should call the reception to let us in (today it was James). As we signed in Dom flirted with the receptionist, Me and James are starting to feel there is some mutual attraction between them, ‘Is their another pen i can use? this one has run out’ Dom said to the receptionist but we could all see hidden meaning behind that. we got seated at our stations and got on with our work. I continued to work on my flash videos for the website using the pixelated background template I had made And added more to the screen to make it more suitable for which company it was for e.g. e.g. logo and images/videos from the company. Lunchtime came quickly and we felt like we would take a walk to 60 million postcards as it was a nice day and we felt like a walk. Upon arrival the place was pretty empty apart from a few indie kids sat in the corner talking to a member of staff who we presumed they knew. After carefully looking at the menu we each were ready to order. I went of the 60 million burger with smoked bacon and cheddar, James went for the vegetarian option and Got the Hippy burger which was made from spinach and lentils and had blue cheese sauce on the side. Dommi felt like something different and went for the macaroni and cheese. We all ordered a Pepsi to go with our meal and also all had a wedge of lime added too to give it that little bit extra flavour. We chose to sit on a set of settee’s by the windows so we could look out at how great the weather was today. We sat and chatted about random stuff until out food arrived which we were all ready for. Dommi and James both tucked into each of their meal with a look of a hungry African lion gorging itself over a freshly caught antelope. I hesitated for a second admiring my meal before tucking in, the fresh homemade chips looking like little wedges of gold, and my burger sat there, a perfectly formed piece of mince, herbs and seasoning resting between the two pieces of the homemade burger bun looking happy their just like a small child being held in a loving mothers embrace. The cheese and bacon both slightly hanging over the side of the burger too. I picked up the burger, I could feel the saliva building up in my mouth as i smelt the burger as it approached my mouth. I sunk my teeth into the burger and it was like an explosion of tastes within my mouth. My tongue was awoken by the juices from the burger, the cheese and bacon accompanied the burger brilliantly and the bread was soft but crunchy at the same time but was never too much of either one. The chip themselves were a joy to behold each one having a crunchy crisp coating then inside a soft feathery potato centre. Soon after we had finished we had to head back to work. We arrived back at work and I continued to work on my flash videos, completing one and getting work on a second one afterwards. While working on the second flash video I was starting to feel more confident about using Flash and Photoshop as at the beginning at the week I was largely unfamiliar with each pieces of software but now I was using them with ease and the work I was producing I was impressed with it. I get the feeling that the fact I was creating work for an official company had drove me on to put so much effort into each piece. The day went on and before we knew it, it was 17.30 and time to go home we logged off our computers and said goodbye to the team before leaving the office back out into the sun and to Dommis car to head home knowing we shall be returning tomorrow. One more day then it’s the weekend.

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