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Work Experience Week 2 Day 3

April 29, 2010

Guess what I did today? Thats right I went pot holing in this cave with James and Dom as it had been a year since the death of my husband and child and they wanted to take my mind off of it, but it turned out that in this cave lived these creatures that were like Gollum from Lord Of The Rings but a lot more feral and vicious and were trying to kill us for food.

A picture i got of one of the creatures

James fell and broke his ankle with meant we had to carry him slowing us down dramatically, eventually he told us to leave him behind, it was better that one of us died than all of us. As Dom got up and ran James pulled me closer and whispered in my ear telling me that when he was alive, my husband was having an affair with Dom. This filled me with rage, I took out my pick-axe and chased after Dom no longer caring for my own well-being. I finally caught up to Dom, he had found a way out. It wasn’t til i was 5 feet away from Dom he saw the anger, he begged for mercy as i raised the pick-axe above my head “Please Sam, Im sorry’ he uttered “So am I!’ I replied as i plunged the axe deep into his chest, Dom screamed out in pain as I repeatedly swung the axe at him. What had I done. I had just killed a man. It might as well of been two as no one would believe me about the creatures. I fell to my knees weeping I was alone and I was was almost certain to die, then behind me I heard this snarling sound “Not like this’ I thought as i swung around with my pick-axe round embedding the axe deep into the skull of the creature, it let out a blood curdling screech chilling me to the bone. I ran towards the light Dom had found, I clambered up the rock face towards the light, I looked down it wasn’t rocks I was climbing um , It was human bones! but this was no time to stop if I did I would be joining them. I scrambled to get out barely making it before one of them grabbed me. I ran as soon as I got out, I just kept running and running until I was far away from that place, in the end I just collapsed to the floor crying. I was alone what was I going to do???

Nope sorry that didn’t really happen, i’m sorry I lied what actually happened was that I worked on my Flash videos. The same flash videos i’ve been working on all week. Im hoping to finish them tomorrow if they give me the files I need. If being the key word.

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