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Work Experience Week 2 Day 4

April 30, 2010

I not going to lie, I was really looking forward to today. Why I hear you say? Iron Man 2 of course silly!! Me and Dom have been looking forward to this all week. Its going to be Bad-Ass!!! But first we had Kaboosh to go to. Sadly I didnt get the videos and pictures I need to finish my so I didnt have anything to do today I spent some time tweaking my flash video but there wasn’t really too much I could do to it. I then spent the rest of the day playing around on photoshop, looking up videos on youtube (and forwarding some of them to the Kaboosh team), reading web comics, and generally looking up random stuff on the web to amuse me. I must admit I’m pretty sure this isnt how i should be spending my placement but I get the feeling that when I actually work in the media industry I wont have this much down time.

Now Iron Man 2. What a bloody film! I loved ever second of it. I was watching the screen in a child like glee. Dom was the same.  I have to say Robert Downey Jr really nails the role of playing a smug bastard to a tee but he play’s him so well everybody loves him (with the exception of his enemies although I bet they envy him too), men want to be him and women want to be with him, He just totally kicks-ass. Mickey Rourke and Sam Rockwell are great additions to the cast as the villains, they both hate Stark for the same reason he has everything that they want, leading to them working together to take him down. One of my favourite about the films now and no it isn’t how awesome his suit is although that is awesome its Scarlett Johansson. Im not going to go on some rant about how sexy she is I dont want to come across as some pervy manchild, all I am going to say is Scarlett Johansson hell yea!!! Nuff said. To be honest I pretty much loved every thing about this film my only slight grumble is the fact that like the first film the end battle the film seems to have run out of steam by the time it gets to it but it only seems to be like this because the rest of the film sets such a high standard before it!!

Right so i chose to write a review of a film on my placement diary entry thats how much work I had to do today but its the final day tomorrow! Will I finish my video I started making last monday? Will I finish the flash video that needs one picture from the tea? Hell will I have any work to do whatsoever? All will be revealed tomorrow!!!

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