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Work Experience Day 5- The Final Day

May 5, 2010

First of all apologies about the gap in posts. I needed a well deserved break.

And now, the end is near, and I face my final curtain. Frank Sinatra said these immortal words and now more than ever have they never been more fitting. I arrived today  hoping we would be going out in a blaze of glory, you never know they may of been saving the best to last. I was feeling pretty optimistic as I was asked to bring my camera in maybe it was my hangover talking from the nights heavy drinking before (Me and Dom were preparing for the final day). We came through the doors into the reception and the receptionist was crying, I just presumed it was because Dom was leaving then she shouted out ‘You never called me Dom!’, Dom just rolled his and carried walking “You cant do this to me!’ she sobbed ‘Im Pregnant’, Dom stopped in his tracks and turned back to her “Your lying’ he said with a sense of dread in his voice. She shook her head standing up to present her bump, Dom turned back and started walking ‘I haven’t got time for you and your bastard child, I’ve got flash work to do’ he snarled. Me and James quickly followed him before we got caught up in the whole debacle. It then came to our usual fight for who got what chair, we each took out our Hattori Hanzo Swords ready for the fight of our lives, but James was unknown of mine and Dom’s alliance (Once again we discussed this over the nights heavy drinking) we both quickly turned on James before he had chance to react we had cut off his arms.

Dom (left) and James quickly before James discovered of our betrayal

The day then went by like any other day had that week. WE DID NOTHING WHATSOEVER!! I must admit i was pretty annoyed today as once again I had fallen for the fact that we would be doing something interesting on the final day, I’d brought my camera but nope nothing happened. ANd once again they still didn’t give me the files I needed to finish my projects which was even more annoying as it would of taken me 5 minutes to complete but it was took much work to get them to me as they were coming later but never did, I kept asking but gave up after the 3rd attempt. So what did I do on my final day? Youtube, Wikipedia, Facebook and Failblog sums it up pretty well at least i showed them some funny videos which will more than likely end up on the kaboosh fan page on Facebook, I actually felt a little bad for not doing any work in the end but then I remembered it wasn’t my fault I wasn’t working. When it finally got to 5.30 we were all relieved that were going. As we prepared to leave the Kaboosh team just said thanks, they didnt even move from their desks no handshake not even a rise from their desks, nice to know our work was appreciated. So the main question is “Can I see myself working for Kaboosh?’ the answer is a simple No, From this working experience what have i learnt not much if I may say so ok I learnt how to use Flash and Photoshop better but I have no idea of how I would cope in a real working environment as I get the feeling it would be nothing like this.

Right rant over and to see us out Mr Frank Sinatra

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