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Professional Project- Idea rough synopsis

February 9, 2011

Long shot beach winter 2 people walk across shot with man talking. Cut to mid shot woman stops man stops mid sentence asks whats wrong she breaks up with him turns walks away cut to long shot her walking and leaving

Title card

Dripping tap, kitchen state

Bedroom CU board pictues of man woman happy

XCU clock mid afternoon

Man in bed room messy curtains drawn man slobbish sad

Phone rings friend encouraging man to come out he refuses hangs up

Man gets up goes to bathroom stares in mirror

Sad in shower

Goes to kitchen opens fridge empty milk puts on side closes

Picture on fridge pulls away

Bedroom sat in chair holding phone looking at pictures flicks through phone book stops on woman presses call but hangs up instantly




Night 2amish sat in dark on tv for light rings girl but doesn’t speak hear her asking who is is then hangs up




Wakes up smiling

Opens curtains for first time

Takes down pictures from board

Washes dresses smarter

Leaves house

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