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Professional Project: Work for Dom

May 4, 2011

After Dommi had problem with his animation he told me I wouldn’t be needing me to make sound effects for the animation. Instead he asked me to write a script for him to read as a reason to what happened to his animation. He told what had to be included and told me to make it amusing. This is what I came up with

Ello Newgrounds folk the mighty Dommi Fresh here coming in your ear and eyeholes right now. Now i know some of you out there are going to think im making some pussy ass excuse here but fuck it this is my first time and i want you to know how troublesome it was de-flowering myself.
First things first you need to know im no animator, apart from a few little things i’ve tried this is my first drawn animation piece, but i can draw so it cant be too hard right?
How wrong was i.
Who would of thought that making an animation would take such a long time. The filming part for me to work over was done quickly enough, but deciding to draw each frame at 24fps was a rookie mistake to the point that the first scene which was about 5 seconds long took 2 weeks to draw. Im not saying my animation took a long time to do but while i work i tend to watch something on tv while i work. Here is a short list of some of the things i watched while working
Arrested development series 1-3, Deadwood series 1, I.T. Crowd series 1-3, Cloudy with a chance of meatballs, Viva La Bam Series 1, Lord of war, American Dad series 1-3
And also my friend Sam falling asleep while i work about 40 times! Problems came round like the burning sensation when i urinate. My usually reliable Wacom tablet decided to not work for me once my mac updated so that took time to sort out. Also my mac is rather temperamental since i spilt lemsip on it and it will only work if i keep it plugged in at all times which i cant deal with. But in my most fucking retardedness last night after i finished the final frame of my animation and gave a cheeky little fist pump into the air i managed to knock the power lead out of my mac turning it off and thus losing all the work i had done today.
So here i am writing this super awesome excuse speech to you hell im not even writing this as im in the shower crying eating my faecal matter so this is sam here. Hello. But back to my story. Seen as its not complete this a rough synopsis of my animation short:
the story is tank man is walking through a waste land and sees something at the top of a pile of rubble, so he climbs up to the top but falls through a hole he’s falling and falling until he hits ground.
when he gets up he see’s a statue of the castle crashers then takes off his helmet to reveal he is pico!!! Bet you didnt see that twist coming. That’ll go down in history bitches!!!
Yea so thats my story of heartache, its a sad one i know but please dear newgrounds people please see it in you heart to give me a prize. I dont even want first prize, id just be happy with a prize which can help me buy some bad ass cowboy boots. So i’ve gone on enough now here is the world exclusive first look at Dommi- Fresh’s first animation!!!

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